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Mechanism "shun" the management "fine" the charge "that" the

Mechanism "shun" the management "fine" the charge "that" the

"This little 'smart card encryption', you're never seen it, and it is this, let us note the current financial management has undergone enormous change!" Non-tax revenue collected in Jiujiang City, chief of the Authority notes Kong Yan pointed to a similar electronic products, U disk pleased to reporters Road, "before the opening hand notes, the human factors and more arbitrary, more income, arbitrarily, income or sit, get all such phenomena have occurred, the implementation of E-notes, the charges, fees, and other information are pre-deposit time locked in this tiny 'smart encryption card' in any one billing, did not reach pre-set, the computer could not carry a vote, did not way out of order! "
Change in emotion from the hole Yan since 2006 in Jiangxi Province, in the province of financial instruments within the context of electronic management reform.

This reform, the management of the fiscal notes gradually scientific, standardized, fine track, the real "mechanism smoothly, and the management details of the charges and clear."
Mechanism "Shun" a place to hide corruption
Traditional hand instruments age, the use of the financial sector and capital notes the regulatory remit the main table remain in the account after the audit and inspection, and can not do in advance, or tracking and monitoring, notes regulatory mechanism, there is a big loophole. That this should be timely, full and deposited funds, long-term stay in the receiving unit and individual hands, hide, extended pressure, misappropriation or income or sit phenomena have occurred, the individual financial officers to facilitate the use of private management of funds, spending should payment of the outstanding capital, and some units accordingly set up illegal "small treasuries", for a variety of corruption the main source of funding. Last year the province from the "small treasuries" special treatment and financial supervision department on many occasions in recent years reflect the situation of special inspection, a considerable part of law, violations and disciplinary cases are directly or indirectly, financial instruments and regulatory mechanisms and means of imperfections .
Electronic management of financial instruments to implement the reform, the use of modern technology and information technology, the manual management of the post under the oversight mechanisms simply shift before, during, and afterwards the whole monitoring system. Units through the implementation of revenue fees, charges and bills for the prior lock, from the arbitrariness of law enforcement source compression, standard Zhishouzhifa behavior, in order to achieve pre-supervision; through "smart encryption card" in the notes issuance, verification and funds remit the process, real-time record full information, the formation of similar aircraft "black box" is not like changes, so that each made a note of the collar, use and enforcement of each sum of money income, remit the records are detailed and transparent investigation, in order to achieve things in supervision; remit funds through the period of the prior period and notes to write off lock, to achieve timing remit funds, notes the timing verification, so that the financial sector to periodically control unit with the actual implementation of ticket revenue situation and funding remit the case to achieve post-supervision.
Before, during, post-supervision mechanism of rationalization, to effectively curb the "three chaos", set up illegal "small treasuries", corruption and other acts. Financial instruments Jiangxi Yu Xiangdong, deputy director of management, said: "Before the implementation of electronic instruments, we check the process, often found as part of some units withheld funds reserved for unit 'flexible' use, easily lead to corruption. Implement electronic management of financial instruments After the reform, the enforcement unit received a 'family property' bright, 'privacy' exposure, and the source and mechanism to prevent the arbitrary charges and set up illegal "small treasuries" from occurring, reducing the probability of mistakes of cadres. "
Management of "small" more efficient administration of notes
"The original notes were written off by hand, to write off 20 million copies of each paper, you need 2-3 days to spend nearly 15, can not guarantee 100% accuracy rate, fiscal management reform bills electronically After working only one of these staff can spend less than 15 minutes to complete, accurate and up to 100%. "Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance Management Centre paper chief Hu Yan with reporters about the bills so that when the verification function.
Financial instruments in the original manual management mode, the manual verification notes mainly "units reporting, financial checks, manual review" approach, heavy workload and high labor intensity, authenticity and accuracy are very limited and the financial sector can not control unit with tickets to come to write off bills on time, can not grasp the unit with the actual implementation of ticket revenue situation is also difficult to verify whether funds received timely implementation, financial accounts paid in full (or treasury), bills to write off the financial instrument has been management in the "short board" link. In addition, lost, lent, resold, forged bills and other issues, the management has also been the instrument needed to solve the bottleneck problem.
Implementation of e-finance reform bill management, bill management through the implementation of modern information technology unit of the bills received and capital write-off period was set in advance remit, along with the "automatic verification, timed reminder" feature, which greatly improve the verification efficiency. Through the system in the digital electronic fingerprint data can identify notes, effectively put an end to the sale, transfer, lend, forged notes and so on.
In addition, financial instruments electronic management system operation, can complete a paper reflecting the collar of each hair, use and enforcement of each sum of money income, remit and other dynamic information on the daily work of the verification, deposit, leading made, use, summary report and statistical summary data and query, etc., can be standardized, standardization, automation management, the paper greatly enhance management efficiency.
Charges "that" the people at ease at ease
"In the past filled out by hand, we always worry about pay more money wasted. Now assured, and receipt printing with the charging items and standards, each is clear. Vote on a special state 'computer print, handwriting is invalid' message. This electronic instruments, to the people the plain! "stars in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province for the county title deed of house spa town of finance of the West Island village of Zhang clarify the collection hold just print out notes, happy told reporters.
Over the years, a large number of non-tax revenue the Government use of financial instruments on-site charge hand, the lack of effective management and supervision, implementation and enforcement of revenue collection unit staff good at set fees, increased fees, rider fees, increase fees, compulsory fees and charges in disguise repeated violations, the people being overcharged unclear, arbitrary collection of various fees occurred from time.
Electronic management of the implementation of fiscal reform bills, the financial sector on the implementation units with income eligible votes, the Executive received the project, implementation of standards and applicable notes received to re-sort, review, screening, and received approval and the execution of projects, standards and applicable Notes Notes in the unit with the ticket system for pre-lock. Thereafter, any fees received, how much money income, with which votes must be in strict accordance with the Notes system locked pre-enforcement revenue, standards and application of instruments to operate, enforcement revenue collection unit can not arbitrarily set the project implementation, and expand the scope of executive income to improve the standard of enforcement revenue, and truly give people an obviously white paper.