Department of Commerce were sent to visit Nagqu, Xigaze two supervisory work in food safety rectification

In order to further strengthen food security, effective protection of people's lives and health, according to regional food security committee "on the issuance of" Tibet Autonomous Region, 2010 inspection program of food safety rectification work "notice" (Tibetan Food and Drug Safety commissioned [2010] 23 ) documentation requirements, the Commission led by the regional food security, autonomous regions and quality supervision, health, business, farming, business and six units of the two inspection teams on October 12, 2010 -14 days to go, respectively, Nagqu, Xigaze, Two regions of the rectification work carried out food safety supervision and inspection.

Supervision and inspection groups through seminars, access to documents, field visits, etc., focus on examination of the dairy processing plant breeding and yogurt, pure water processing plants, slaughterhouses, supermarkets, hotels, catering services, school canteens, in the inspection process, supervision and inspection unit according to the contents and characteristics of the industry, the scope of supervision of their respective views and proposals put forward, mainly pig slaughtering business sectors, such as townships and villages were examined. Ministry of Commerce goalkeeper area townships and villages to enhance the work to "cast the Government's integrity, tree corporate image, the benefits of farmers and herdsmen people, building a harmonious countryside" in height, firmly grasp and effective. In the pig slaughter inspection, on the problems found in time for corrections, and requires meat slaughtering plants do not fail the factory, not manufacturing and selling water meat, dead meat, integrity management, to ensure that people eat meat. The supervision and inspection, successfully completed the task by the authorities at home.