Beauty salon workers in our region of the first vocational skills competition held in Lhasa

October 22, 2010, by the regional federation of trade unions, human resources and Social Security Department organized the Department of Commerce co-autonomous, autonomous regions and Beauty Cosmetics Health Association of the contractor, designed to improve service quality and skills of workers in our region of the first level of professional beauty salon workers Skills Competition was held in Lhasa. Autonomous regions and relevant departments of participating units in addition, there is the Executive Chairman of the Chinese beauty Union and some provinces and industry associations of the president, Secretary-General. Swimmers from 7 to 71 municipalities, the overall shape of competition is divided into bridal makeup, makeup dinner, the men wind shear shape, women wind shear shape, Chinese massage and Yuzu 6 projects.
The Commerce Department attaches great importance to the event, arrange to coordinate the preparatory work, and give financial support of 1 million yuan, Xu Bo, deputy director of the venue in person, on behalf of the Office of autonomous business address. Strong interest in the various departments and support, through the efforts of players, the game was a complete success, to achieve the desired effect.