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Henan, the wholesale price of potatoes this year than last year up into four

Henan, the wholesale price of potatoes this year than last year up into four

Wholesale price of potatoes this year than last year up into four

Following the "garlic you vicious," "beans you play," "sugar, Gao", "Jiang your army," "cotton in the needle" and on stage since the farm is almost turns up, and now, buried in the ground "Land Lord" potatoes not willing to be left out, and jump out.

Zhengzhou, Inner Mongolia, a potato wholesaler has been stationed for 10 days, and not "buy" to a car of potatoes, one day past the boss back to Zhengzhou, 3 car potatoes. According to its analysis, potato prices this year, up 40% over last year.


Stationed in Mongolia for more than 10 days, did not buy a car potato

Zhengzhou vegetable distribution center of agricultural products the owner of Sun Zhanmin purchase 10 days before the potatoes go to Inner Mongolia, however, has not so far back in Zhengzhou a car.

Yesterday afternoon, far more than 1,700 miles away in Sun Zhanmin on the phone told reporters that he was not found in Inner Mongolia the right potatoes.

"Good thing potatoes, local people are clutching not for sale. August, when the purchase price is the best pound cargo 9 angle, angle of times that the pound 7. 20 days ago, potatoes do better can not find the original angle of a pound of potatoes 7 also risen to 1.1 yuan. "Sunzhan Min said, if offered a big price, but also could get arrive, is the fear of pulling Zhengzhou, too expensive, not sell.

Inner Mongolia, the wholesale price of potatoes has risen to 1 yuan / kg or more, while the Zhengzhou wholesale potato prices, hovering at 1.3 yuan / jin. Sun Zhanmin said that according to the current procurement price and the selling price to run, do not make money, which he did not dare to start in Inner Mongolia has been the reason.


Potato prices rose 40% over last year

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, September, October is the acquisition of potatoes, potatoes, this time last year more than the purchase price is 4 pound corner, corner the market retail price of more than 7 a pound, this year more than doubled year on year, nearly 1 per purchase price the market price has been as high as 1.5 yuan / kg to 2 yuan / kg.

From domestic sources, the other main producing areas in the potatoes, Heilongjiang Province, has also been difficult to find less than 1 yuan per kilogram potatoes, and even money can not buy potatoes.

"This year, beginning Sept. 15 to sell potatoes, the price is 0.6 yuan per catty, and soon rose to 1 yuan per kilogram, now the hands of the potato farmers have been all sold out, the South may only come home empty-handed late in the acquisition of . "Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, Chen Yangui Potato Industry Association, told reporters.

Sun Zhanmin said, Zhengzhou wholesale potato prices this time last year is eighty-nine angle pound, the best varieties is 1 million, the best varieties of this year rose to 1.45 yuan / kg, the other is 1.2 yuan / kg ~ 1.3 yuan / kg. The wholesale price of potatoes rose by 40% over last year.


"Go to Hong Kong soy sauce" into a buzzword

In fact, watched the waves rose up in price, not only in Zhengzhou people, not only the Chinese people, at present, many countries in the world suffer the pains of rising prices.

In South Korea, Chinese cabbage jumped 261.5 percent the short term. Koreans like to eat kimchi, cabbage short period of time, unable to endure the fact that surge, began to cabbage dubbed the "vegetable of the Ferrari." Government to buy supplies for the special cabbage, some South Korean people still playing the aircraft. People are talking about grocery shopping, see cheap Chinese cabbage as "see like gold."

September, the Indian inflation rate was 8.62%. November 1 survey, food prices are the greatest Indian concerns of the next six months.

Recently, a media monitoring that, in the busy Luohu port, with many more to go shopping in Shenzhen, the Hong Kong people. Back of the packages they come back, not the brand-name clothes or cosmetics, but Youyanjiangcu, cleaning supplies and baby formula and other daily necessities.

Some people forget about the account, based on current exchange rate, 500 ml bottle of Lee Kum Kee soy sauce at the Hong Kong price of 5.95 yuan, while Shenzhen supermarket price is 6.6 yuan; Shenzhen has risen to nine eggs a corner, about the size of the eggs in a Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar can buy 23 supermarkets, 30, equivalent to an angle of less than 7 yuan.

Mainland prices continued to rise, people of Hong Kong to Shenzhen in the procurement of commodities for years after the phenomenon of reversal, smart people start to Hong Kong in Shenzhen, "soy sauce."

Some analysts say the current round of price increases, wage earners are most affected.

"Do you want to go to Hong Kong soy sauce?" Recently, a number of community forums in Zhengzhou, QQ group, the phrase became a catchphrase greeting, if the answer to go to Hong Kong, soy sauce, indicating that the housewife's life has been affected. Reporter rough survey, eight percent of those surveyed said rising prices have affected daily life.

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