Take Measures to curb price increases the Tibet Autonomous Region

For the elimination of consumer food prices rose by country the adverse effects of the Tibet Autonomous Region adopted five measures to control price gains, stable market prices, to ensure market supply. First, strengthen monitoring of market prices. Important to further strengthen the monitoring of prices of goods and services, analysis, control the market, price stability policy recommendations. Second is to strengthen market supervision. Strongly rectifying and standardizing the market price order, severely punish price spread false information, spreading rumors, price gouging, collusion affect the market price and other illegal acts and stable prices, and earnestly maintain the market order. Third, improve market regulation.
Strengthen the reserves of important commodities of the day, supply control, and give full play to the backbone of agricultural production, processing, and distribution companies in the market supply in the active role. Fourth, emergency preparedness. Ready to take early warning and forecasting, price intervention, regulation, and response to reserve. Fifth, positive publicity and guidance.