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Strengthen the supervision to promote the healthy development of the pawn industry

Strengthen the supervision to promote the healthy development of the pawn industry

Pawn to strengthen the supervision of the region, and promote the healthy development of the industry, December 23, 2010 held a pawn forum. Chamber of commerce, head of the relevant offices, pawn enterprises attended the forum. The participating comrades to monitor the implementation of the National Conference pawn shops and pawn the work of the region in 2010 was discussed on the next step to promote the healthy development of our region were quick pawn exchanges.
The meeting conveyed the supervision of the National Working Conference pawn.
Comrades at the view that genuinely take responsibility for supervision and risk prevention, regulate pawn industry; establish and improve market access, exit and industry executives to enter systems; learn from experience in the financial sector market regulation, and strengthen supervision of information, promote information sharing is to strengthen the pawn supervision and promoting the pawn to achieve fast and steady development of the necessary measures should earnestly study and implement.
Comrades at that level of development of pawn industry in our region is still low, the phenomenon of irregular operations are still prominent, still greater pressure to prevent risks, regulatory capacity and needs to be improved.
Meeting of the pawnshop and the commissioning of supervisory information system interface between the old and new systems, implementation of corporate accounting standards, establish and improve the information reporting system, actively doing business, etc. were examined and deployment. Requirements of enterprises through training, recruitment, etc., to improve the quality of personnel; to further improve the internal management system, with the system of tubes affairs; seriously study the relevant law and regulation, compliance management; actively expand their business, promoting our region healthy and rapid development of the pawn industry.