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Brainstorming and actively explore

Brainstorming and actively explore

To further understand the development of the region the auction industry, strengthen supervision, promote the healthy development, January 17, 2011 forum held in the auction business. Chamber of commerce, head of the relevant offices, auction enterprises attended the forum. Comrades at auction in recent years, development of the industry to be introduced on the future business innovation, expand the business discussed. Clearly stated at the meeting: to strengthen self-discipline, to prevent malicious competition, regulate the industry development, strengthening the industry regulator, is to promote the healthy development of the auction industry, the fundamental requirements.
Participating comrades believe that the auction industry in our region there are still many problems. First, malicious competition, and the situation to be regulate market order.
Second, a single auction business. Concentration in real estate, automotive, and court decisions, government property auction, etc.; in minerals, artifacts, intangible assets, special products (Thangka, handicrafts) and so it is blank. Third, the commission has not established standards for the local, the client keep the prices down too low, resulting in non-profit enterprises, or even a loss. Fourth, lack of personnel. The overall quality of the auction house employees to be further improved.
In order to regulate industry to prevent vicious competition, the meeting on the establishment of the auction industry associations are discussed. Suggested by the 10 leading auction companies who choose open to question, and organizations to develop protocols and systems, actively preparing for the establishment of associations as soon as possible. The meeting also on regulatory authorities and enterprises to strengthen communication, organizing business seminars, the introduction of talent, etc. were discussed.
The meeting called, the auction company should be in accordance with the "auction industry information submitted to the management," good information submitted to the work; should actively expand their business, maintain and develop the market; to recruitment, training and other measures to improve the quality of personnel; establish a sound various systems, compliance management according to law. Industry regulators have to thoroughly study the auction law and regulation, strengthening the supervision of the auction business, strict market access, to be fair, open, transparent, efforts to regulate the auction industry.