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Security on such good work during the Spring Festival notice

Security on such good work during the Spring Festival notice

Of the offices, the Office property of their respective units:
To spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, according to the regional government requested, the matter to inform the Chinese New Year holiday period as follows:
First, the general office building of all staff to leave the office, to open air, the temperature set to 18 degrees, transferred to automatic transmission; good fire, theft, anti-phishing work, implement the necessary security precautions, turn off all power equipment supply, eliminate security risks, ensure safe and smooth during the holiday season.
Second, the various offices and units responsible for the overall work and comrades in the mobile phone to keep open, to ensure timely emergency contact, in order to avoid delays.
Third, the various offices and units should strengthen the management of their personnel, staff try not to go out during the holiday season may not participate in gambling, not drinking to make trouble. Enhance vehicle management, non-public time to archive storage of vehicles, while enhancing driver education, not illegal driving, drunken driving, out of the bus without permission is strictly prohibited.
At all levels, types of duty to fulfill their duties, their duties, mobile phones and other communication equipment 24 hours a day, to ensure unimpeded. To perform a shift relief system, good duty records, appears to properly handle non-normal conditions, special cases in a timely manner with class leadership to the report.
Fifth, Government Offices Service Centre to coordinate and strengthen the company's guidance on the property, the property on duty during the Spring Festival condolences to the company staff, both on duty are on duty to make a serious and responsible, but also let them rejoice over a good year.
Office of the Government Offices Centre
January 31, 2011

(Compiled and distributed: Inner Mongolia Finance Information Center Source: Ministry of Finance Office of Inner Mongolia)