CC Index: Spot cotton textile prices continued to fall slightly more turnover less Inquiry (4.19)

Today, the domestic spot market price of cotton continued to decline. Inquiry textile enterprises are still weak increase in actual trading volume. Today, China Cotton Index (CC Index) 29180 or 30631 or 103,4 120,2 Grade Level Grade 26 548 28 303 or 73,5 or 80

According to information workers feedback, along with downstream textile industry has recently sales and orders was weak, the current procurement of raw materials more difficult, many SMEs struggling to survive. Some large-scale textile enterprises, their raw material inventory is not low, and basically the cost of raw materials inventory of raw materials is less than the cost of the cotton market, therefore, while the current consumption of raw materials inventory, while continuing to produce orders, and sales began to decrease The price of textile products.

With a further drop in prices of textile products, direct sales of the cotton market also brought considerable pressure. Currently, most companies store cotton into a panic mentality sales, further reduction in cotton purchase, shipping will strengthen. Expected between the recent adverse market factors will continue to constrain conductivity of cotton prices.