Jiaxing market: After the May Day holiday to continue on the red silk (5.3)

After the May Day holiday on Tuesday is the first day of trading, silk composite index rose 0.33% to close at 3822.78. 1105 B dried and silk rose 2,000 yuan each, respectively, to close at 1,200 yuan and 134,900 yuan and 403,800 yuan; 1109 dried and B silk rose 100 yuan each, respectively, to close at 1,200 yuan and 121,500 yuan and 383,100 yuan; 1203 Dried yesterday to close at 119,600 yuan and flat, 1203B silk rose 900 yuan to close at 379,800 yuan. Dried whole day trading 1 lot, B 71 wire traded hands. 4 lots of silk to lighten up today 1109B, 1203B wire Masukura 18 hand.

The acquisition of Guangdong and Guangxi region in the cocoon of raw materials over the years, "lean" of the old quarter of the new cocoon convergence time and postpone the listing of this year's southern region in the context of cocoon in the middle of April kicked off from the original 20 yuan per jin gradually rise to 24 yuan.

In the cocoon, driven by higher purchase price, cocoon prices rose homeopathy, price rises in recent months, today is relatively large, and dried rose more than B wire. The rise in recent months to promote the silk cocoon on the value of COSCO hub on the move, but the 1109 B wire near the price to go to a 384,000 sell-off are there to lighten up disk, 1109, and 1203B are closing out the wire to bring the shadow of Yang Xian. Cocoon of the large area are listed, consumption situation, monetary policy uncertainty, etc., 40 million of raw silk has increased the difficulty of how to interpret the future, volatility increased.