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Raw materials price index has risen slightly weaker fall fabrics

Raw materials price index has risen slightly weaker fall fabrics

First, the main price index of textiles:

"China's textile Index • Keqiao" 20110502 price index closed at 111.21 points, compared with the previous period fell 0.72%. Recently, the raw material market prices continue downward trend, due to upstream cotton, viscose staple fiber, polyester chip prices ranging from decreased still, pure cotton yarn, Di Miansha, rayon yarn, Chun Disha, polyester, spandex variety prices the trend is stable or show each other, resulting in current prices fell slightly.

But sales of apparel fabrics continue to grow, thin fabric summer sales has risen, jet weaving, knitting fabric sales rise, innovative fabrics was heavy volume transactions.

Current price index increased 6.25% compared with the beginning of last year increased 16.12% year on year. Period from the first classification showed: the raw materials, fabric and fashion accessories ranging from the price index decreased, driving the total price index fell slightly; but apparel fabrics, home textile price indices ranging from the amount of increase, the relative constraints the general price index would decline.

Second, the price index for the operation of this week:

1. Raw material prices are still weak domestic polyester, cotton prices continued to fall. April 21 New York Mercantile Exchange light sweet crude for June futures closed at $ 112.29 / barrel, to April 29 to close at 112.67 U.S. dollars / barrel; 21 April London, June Brent crude-oil futures closed at $ 123.99 / barrel until April 29 to close at 124.95 U.S. dollars / barrel. High and volatile international crude oil prices upward, the upstream market of polyester raw material prices were mixed, such as PTA East to discuss the market price of the lower spot on April 22 at 10,800 yuan / ton, to April 29 at 10,550 yuan / ton; MEG East low spot market price on April 22 to discuss the 8630 yuan / ton, to April 29 at 8820 yuan / ton. Zhejiang acceptance semi-dull chips lower spot cash price of April 22 to discuss the 13,050 yuan / ton, April 29 at 12,925 yuan / ton. Domestic cotton prices continue to fall, for example, 328 grade of domestic cotton, 22 April to close at 28,721 yuan / ton, from April 29 to close at 26,927 yuan / ton, down 1,794 yuan / ton; 229 cotton, 22 April to close at 30,071 yuan / ton until April 29 to close at 28,544 yuan / ton, down 1,527 yuan / ton.

2. Raw material market prices continue to fall. Domestic cotton prices continue to fall, the recent class of Xiao Shao region yarn cotton prices continue lower, pure cotton yarn, Di Miansha, people and other major textile cotton yarn, and more stable prices down each species is, the yarn market conditions remain weak; For example, with pure cotton yarn 32S Shangqiu high yield April 22 offer 38,000 yuan / ton, to the April 29 offer in the 37,500 yuan / ton, down 500 yuan / ton. Recent prices of polyester chips are still down, polyester prices down each variety is stable. Hangzhou, Qian Qing Raw Materials Market Wing rich FDY66D/24F April 22 quoted in the 16,300 yuan / ton, to April 29 quoted in the 15,900 yuan / ton, down 400 yuan / ton. Due to weak external demand, limited off-peak electricity purchases some textile companies still insufficient orders, inventories of raw materials, capital pressure behavior, intention to take the goods still price, pulling raw materials price index continued to fall, resulting in the total class price index decline.

3. Foreign trade is still insufficient, limited output power of inhibition. ① export orders remained inadequate. To April 29 1 U.S. dollar was 6.4990 yuan central parity of RMB, earning foreign exchange to restart a new high since reform. Affected by the appreciation of the renminbi, export profits under pressure. North Africa and Middle East Asian countries is still instability, war and Yemen, Libya, Syria and other political tensions in the volatile international environment, under the influence of unfavorable factors, growth in textile exports to the difficulty of sustained and stable increase in exports of local disruption.
② Power situation remains grim. This year the situation is fairly severe electricity in East China, may experience the worst since 2004, a power shortage. Due to power shortage, leading to limited power many enterprises were forced to take measures to restrict production. Limited power many parts of Zhejiang Province, to take measures, some textile enterprises have implemented "open a three-stop", "a five stop two" power rationing averting measures. Xiao Shao regional phenomenon of textile enterprises continued power rationing, order delivery to be delayed. ③ funding pressures appear. 2 times a year the central bank has repeatedly raised interest rates and deposit reserve ratio. China's currency policy change from the tone of last year, the central bank has been continuously carried out 4 times to increase interest rates 10 times to raise the deposit reserve ratio this year raised the deposit reserve rate has been accelerated. With multiple deposit reserve ratio increases and interest rates etc, and contraction of the cumulative effect of slow mobility appeared, last year's "blowout" of new loans has slowed down this year, part of the funding pressures appear small and medium textile enterprises.

4. Active in spring and summer apparel fabrics sales, turnover has risen summer fabrics. Recent Textile City Fabric Market in spring and summer marketing continues to be active, the domestic market to go smooth, summer fabrics continued to show rising trend in turnover, innovative fabrics traded heavy volume significantly, apparel fabrics in cotton fabrics, ramie fabric, polyester fabric, polyester Kam fabric, polyester spandex fabric rising trend of different amount of volume rendering.

Third, the prospect of next week's price index

2011 China International Textile fabrics and accessories Keqiao Fair (Spring) will be 6 to 8 May in the China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Centre, will be held around the world, will bring together buyers Textile City, the higher the value-added Export orders will have to follow up, the overall outlook is expected to marketing Textile City will go smooth, traditional trading range and the company will show a growth trend of the trading range trading is expected in summer fabric afternoon trading will continue to show incremental trend in fabric polyester fabric, T / C polyester cotton blended fabrics, viscose fabrics, polyester spandex fabric, polyester and nylon fabrics, cotton fabrics, fashion fabrics and other fabrics will show categories ranging from transaction volume growth trends, FDY jet weaving printed chiffon, 118DFDY knitted T shirt printed on both sides play the cotton fabrics and prints were innovative fabrics heavy volume transactions will continue to rise, driving the price index for apparel fabrics rose slightly. Textile City market outlook is expected to show shock rise in trading volume will continue the trend. However, due to off-peak electricity, the enterprise output less, will continue to delay the order delivery.

Increase the top ten categories
Decreases in the top ten
1 Cotton Fabrics
1 polyester
2 Daily Home Textiles
2 Other chemical fiber
3 polyester fabrics
Class 3 cord
4 ramie fabrics
4 Fashion Fabrics
5 Bedding
5 cotton and flax
6 apparel linings
Class 6 blended fiber fabric
7 curtains
7 viscose fabrics
8 polyester and nylon fabrics
8 sticky wool fabrics
9 polyester fabrics ammonia
9 with class
10 classes of chemical fiber fabric
10 blended

Current cotton fabrics, household textile categories, polyester fabrics, ramie fabrics, bedding type price index in the top five, ranging from sales increase over the previous period, some representatives of the rising volume of goods ranging from the main unit factors.

Current polyester, and other chemical fiber, rope, fashion fabrics, cotton and flax price index decreases in the top five, ranging from the amount of volume decline in the previous period, some representatives of the declining unit price range is the main factor.

Issued by: Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic: China Textile City Construction and Management Committee, "China • textiles Keqiao Index" inventory of office