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Asia-Pacific bio-generic drugs and Development Strategy

Asia-Pacific bio-generic drugs and Development Strategy

May 24, 2011 biosimilars held in Shanghai. The conference theme of "establishing biosimilars development strategy." From Pfizer (pfizer), Roche (Roche), Teva (Teva), Merck Sharp & Dohme (Merck & Co) and other pharmaceutical executives, CRO / CMO enterprises, financial institutions, pharmaceutical and government regulation of nearly two hundred people attended the meeting. Conference organized by the IBC. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device development services outsourcing industry, a global provider of ICONplc sponsor the General Assembly.

IMS Health (IMS) President AlanSheppard global generics generic drugs on the future prospects for bio-analyzed.
Alan said in the report, the current global biosimilars market sales of 234.9 million dollars, Sandoz (Sandoz), Teva (Teva) and Hospira accounted for 86.4% market share (data as of August 2010). 2005-2010 data show that in the next 5 years, the total capacity of the pharmaceutical market in Asia Pacific will reach 1750-2050 million dollars, and Europe was flat; average annual compound growth rate will remain 14% -17%, from a global perspective Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing region, and Latin America at a fairly. In which the top two in China and India, will reach 22% -25%, 15% -18%. 2014, China will enter the pharmaceutical market, the top three (and perhaps can be achieved this year.)

The face of domestic production of complex and lengthy drug approval process, from Chelsea, Shanghai and biological medicine CEO Dr. Zhou Xinhua that this is not conducive to the development of the domestic bio-generic drugs. High-quality, low cost, shorten production time is the key to biological production of generic drugs. Joe Zhou believes that the current wave of biosimilars, China and the Asia Pacific region for the biotechnology / biomedical industry provides a unique opportunity; the help of the original inquest into the standards process, not only for the wave of biosimilar drugs in the production and circulation provides a rigorous international standard quality control, but also the future course of preclinical and clinical drug research and development of biological systems laid the foundation for the improvement. In the long run, China's health industry, intellectual property protection, and the whole economic structure is also beneficial.

Generic R & D in the biological issues, familiar with the regional laws and regulations, access to the most optimal manufacturing process, the right marketing approach complex issues such as mountains, has long been the areas of corporate investment, but the effect is minimal. According to analysis, during the biosimilars market, it generally takes 1-2 billion dollars in costs. This makes biosimilars into high-growth, high-risk areas. The meeting from biosimilars Trends: global trends and opportunities; regulations guide the latest trends; contracts and legal issues related to patent expiries; safety, efficiency, and expansion of alternative investments in emerging markets and other medical drugs comprehensive interpretation of the biological point of view of generic drugs the overall situation in the Asia Pacific region and the macro forecast future development.