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U.S. life science companies rapid detection of E. coli Kit

U.S. life science companies rapid detection of E. coli Kit

June 3, the U.S. Life Sciences (Life Technologies) has announced, the use of Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM) and the University Hospital Münster, Germany in cooperation of DNA sequencing, the preliminary data strongly suggest that the cause of a new hybrid E. coli strains cause disease is a fatal disease because of Germany.

Obtained from DNA sequencing data showed the typical gene exists in two different types of E. coli: E. coli intestinal aggregation (EAEC) and enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC). Researchers are now the results by Ion PGM further data analysis and validation. These results help to understand the aggressiveness of the bacteria and prevent further outbreak of the epidemic.

Life science companies located in the city of Darmstadt, Germany, laboratory data will be collected by scientists at the University Hospital of Münster for the development of better testing methods to positively identify this performance as renal failure and hemorrhagic diarrhea infectious diseases. This is the first time that since the outbreak of this strain can be fatal in detail so strong reasons.

In order to prevent the further spread of bacteria, life science company began shipping its laboratories to the European custom of E. coli test kits to screen for the center of the outbreak is considered contaminated food. The outbreak in Europe has resulted in 17 deaths and 1,000 people infected.

These kits are the first line of defense to detect the presence of pathogenic E. coli. After the researchers will use a more refined test kit for the second round. The next few days, once the sequence data analysis is completed, the company put the development in Germany for the detection of strains of this new custom hybrid kit. Company can develop a custom within a week of laboratory agents.

The kit is shipped to Europe, the company developed as part of the molecular test agent. These products can accurately detect the vast majority of pathogens against humanity. Ion PGM is an instance of the use of semiconductor technology, DNA sequencing of the genome operation, it can be completed in just two hours of high throughput and high accuracy DNA sequencing. The sequencing of the DNA samples used were collected from a patient with this disease. (Jia Yan)