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Shache County, Xinjiang, soil testing and fertilizer help farmers increase income

Shache County, Xinjiang, soil testing and fertilizer help farmers increase income

June 13, Ish library Shache county, Xinjiang force rural farmers Tun Tan wide wood I Klinsmann stood by Mary article Tanabe, looking at the golden waves of grain, his face showing a smile. He said: "In this article the field, I have 8 acres of wheat, harvest year after year, thanks to fill a prescription I took a single fertilization."

By Mary Wood I Klinsmann home a total of 15 acres of arable land, in 2008, he started in accordance with the county Soil and Fertilizer Station Fertilization given a single purchase of soil testing and fertilizer, when his family's wheat and other food production there than before substantial increase in the past few years he has been soil testing and fertilizer use. He said: "The use of soil testing and fertilizer yield good results, can yield 50 kg of wheat per mu."

In 2006, Shache County was listed as the second batch of soil testing and fertilizer subsidy funds the county, which marks the soil testing and fertilizer project kicked off in the Kashgar area. As of the end of 2009, soil testing and fertilizer Kashgar to achieve a comprehensive coverage of the project, total area of ​​soil testing and fertilizer to promote 1182.31 mu, involving more than 40 million households, the total fertilizer application rate formula over 118,000 tons, an area of ​​3.583 million fertilizer formula acres. Cumulative reduction of 4 years the whole region is unreasonable fertilizer 2171.4 tons, the total savings of more than 500 million yuan increase.

Bachu County, Xinjiang, Hong Fertilizer Co., Ltd. million to April 26 ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to start, bringing the city of Kashgar in Kashgar, Yecheng, Markit County, Yuepuhuxian, Bachu County and other counties (cities) has established five soil testing and fertilizer companies, which has been identified as designated regional fertilizer production formula companies, these companies currently produce fertilizer to meet the basic needs of farmers fertilization.