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Yiwu County, Hami wild mushroom cultivation area of ​​120,000 square meters

Yiwu County, Hami wild mushroom cultivation area of ​​120,000 square meters

Into June, before the Township stone in Yiwu County Township Village and Salt Ga iron on Le Village, a block shed covered with black shade nets. This year, Yiwu County, wild mushroom cultivation area of ​​120,000 square meters, a greater increase than in previous years.

Village stone house Guli Pa Ran Ha planted 14 trees shed.

Yiwu County, Shan stone before then Hamu Village villagers Gu Lipa told reporters: "Last year I try to grow a home studio, two thousand yuan revenue, this year our family decided to shed 14 species, according to last year's price for grid computing can be income of 300 million. "

Aspen force do not force the sea, village cadres Keha also technicians, he said, because rising temperatures in recent days, must regulate the greenhouse temperature and humidity.

Yiwu County, the village committee before the Township stone Aspen Village Sea Power Do Keha force, said: "This year we planted a total of 400 village shed wild mushroom, revenue is expected to exceed $ 800,000 per capita by the kinds of mushrooms on to income 1,000 yuan. "

Salt Pond Township, Le Ga iron on wood villagers Keran Ghani Yazi partner gently lifted film to see good growth of mycelium, the mind is more at ease.

Salt Pond Township, Le Ga iron on wood village herdsmen Keran partner Ghani Yazi said: "Originally, I rely on animal husbandry, home-based income, the government under the guidance of now species of mushrooms, we increase the addition of a road."

Salt Pond Township iron on Le Ga deputy secretary of the village party branch Lectra than pull Kazakhstan, said: "This year our village in the government's help seed the 100 mushroom shed, now 92 have been planted over shed."

It is understood that last stone Village Yiwu County in the former Township to try to grow 80 Shed success, this year the first new 580 Hill and Salt Shed.

Yiwu County Poverty Alleviation Office Director Wang Xingyi told reporters: "In the county planted 660 mushroom shed Shed, area 99,000 square meters, plus engaging in the past, nearly 400 shelters, the county mushroom cultivation can reach 120,000 square meters. "