Order large-scale agriculture, the situation in Bavaria is good to lay a good foundation to help farmers increase income

This year, continue to promote the characteristics of crops in Bavaria, "order", give full play to the characteristics of industrial structure adjustment of agriculture and rural incomes, agricultural efficiency, an important role. According to statistics, the state is 368.42 acres of crops, into the ranks of the order, the first 90% of the total sowing area. Of which: 71.41 acres of food crops, cash crops, 297.00 acres. Among them, in order characteristics, crops, oil 0.20 acres, 20.48 acres of industrial tomatoes, peppers 21.76 acres of industrial, 5.84 acres of sugar beet. Sown area accounted for 19%, 97%, 78%, 99%.

Counties and cities in Bavaria agricultural sector company + farmers, cooperatives or broker + business + farmers, businesses and other orders + base + farmers form, sugar beet, tomato industry, industrial pepper, cumin and other characteristics of the main crop producing areas of the twenty Several companies have introduced order plant. Agent active in the rural agricultural marketing, production supplies and many other areas of agricultural income, farmers' income play an active role. First, the contract farming to ensure farmers' incomes. Through contract farming, guiding farmers to get rid of the blind production, agricultural production and solve the disconnect between the market and enhance farmers' ability to withstand market risks, the product does not backlog, sales price stability. Net income of farmers in my state, in which income per capita net income of the order of 70% or more, to achieve a truly benefit farmers and improve the farmers' enthusiasm to participate in contract farming. Second, contract farming to ensure the quality of agricultural products improved. Quality of agricultural products is the key to the competitiveness of agricultural markets. Agricultural projects in order to implement the process, always put the awareness and measures to improve product quality throughout the entire production process, strengthen the propaganda of farmers and technical training, in accordance with the standard pollution-free production technology developed with the support of advanced and practical technology, pollution-free agricultural advice to farmers on the production procedures strictly according to the organization of production, pay close attention to product quality, and establish my state's brand image, improve market competitiveness and market share. Third, contract farming can guide the farmers to industrial development path. The implementation of contract farming is based on agricultural products processing enterprises, cooperatives as a bridge to connect the production and marketing. The contract is signed by enterprises, cooperatives or farmers organizations, according to broker technical requirements for production, production, acquisition, sale link up, take the one-stop service and sales of industrial management path.