Ili State Agricultural Bureau, Jiangsu Yuanyi agricultural cadres held the first forum of direct agricultural development plan Shangzhou

To celebrate the victory of the central work conference held in Xinjiang, the first anniversary of Yili Prefecture Agricultural Bureau, Jiangsu Yuanyi agricultural cadres held seminar for Jiangsu Pan Yuan Jiang Yili headquarters in front of the light and Yuan Yi's nine leading agricultural systems to participate in the meeting.

A year ago, central to the "give the country power, build in Xinjiang," the wise decision-making; a year later, a large number of Jiangsuyuanyi cadres in their new jobs for the state of the Ili made positive contributions to career development . Forum, the leaders talked about the central decision-making for the Ili the new face of agriculture has brought a new atmosphere, to discuss the state until the next few years to promote the development of modern agriculture, new ideas, new approaches, new initiatives.

Over the past year, Jiangsu Yuanyi agricultural systems leading to Ili nine counties of Jiangsu Agricultural sector is actively teaching experience in the development of modern agriculture, both active in the agricultural sector Sue matchmaking, promotion of Sue the two talents, technology, resources , geopolitical and other aspects of complementary advantages. This year, the leadership of Jiangsu Yuanyi agricultural systems in the State Science and Technology Demonstration Park straight, organic rice production, the introduction of new varieties, facilities, agriculture, farmer training, etc. to the selfless aid. Yuan Yi agricultural systems for the city and county leaders have held a technical training facilities in agriculture, training of technical personnel and farmers in nearly a hundred people; the introduction of new varieties, more than 10 types; total investment of 18 million counterpart aid agricultural projects Gongliu facilities was started on April 16, will complete the 1800 acres, 900 greenhouses and supporting infrastructure.

Yuan Yi said the leadership of agricultural systems, the State Bureau of Agriculture of the Ili thanked the organization of seminars that the Bureau of Agriculture for the Yuanyi Yili leading agricultural system provides a platform for mutual exchange of learning and media, said that he would learn from each other, to discuss aid experience in Iraq, will be the second home Ili, Ili to promote agricultural development as a modern state in Iraq, the objectives, overcome difficulties, actively introduce the concept of modern agricultural development in Jiangsu, talent, technology, capital, and for the early realization of agriculture in Xinjiang make a greater contribution to the modernization.