Kashgar to increase efforts to promote green technology training and healthy development of the melon industry

This year, the center of Kashgar Park silkworm full play to their functions, attaches great importance to agricultural safety issues and increase production of green melon and technological achievements in efforts to focus on Bachu, Yengisar green melon technical training. May 19-20, 2011, between organizations, three key technical depth Yengisar Britain leaves, Shahan and Setili Township vigorously green melon production technology on-site training, more than 100 melon-growing farmers have been trained model households . Through on-site technical training, advice to farmers on the focus on the current critical period of green melon production of fertilizer, pruning work, control of both the melon integrated pest management techniques. The on-site training to obtain a good training effect.

Regional Park will soon continue in silkworm Center Mountain Xin Yengisar further technical training and other rural work, and earnestly green melon farmers to register the production, field production management file creation work. To promote the standardization of Yengisar green food production base of the melon to create, to establish high-quality melon green Kashi brand, promote our region's export-oriented agricultural development, farmers' income to lay a good foundation.