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China's hydropower construction of the east-west traffic artery Tau Morocco highway traffic

China's hydropower construction of the east-west traffic artery Tau Morocco highway traffic

July 25, much attention across the Kingdom of Morocco Morocco Wang Guodong West Memphis - Wuji Da highway opened to traffic at the ceremony. Moroccan Minister of Transport, Highway Authority, Wuji Da governor, attended the opening ceremony.

Morocco's Transport Minister, said China's hydropower of five started in the late case of 10 months in advance and two tenders were opened on schedule to achieve the target, showing the construction of outstanding ability, east-west traffic artery in Morocco can not be made indelible contribution.

Fez, Morocco to Wuji Da highway is east-west highway in the country's second and third phase, total length 346 km, investment 7.922 billion dirhams (equivalent to approximately RMB 6.5 billion), after the completion of the capital Rabat, west, east to the border city of Wu Jita, in the east and west external inline irreplaceable role.
Across the board is divided into 11 sections, respectively, by China, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Egypt and Morocco, local construction company won the bid. Second phase of the Fez to Taza, 134 km long, was started construction in June 2007; three projects by the Taza to Wuji Da, length 212 km, in April 2008 under construction.

China's construction of five hydropower Gail Schiff Taza to length 65.88 km section of the contract amount of 1.621 billion dirhams. Objective of the project due to local causes than other tenders opened 10 months late start, can schedule a smooth performance, widely questioned by the Moroccan industry. To this end, hydropower projects of five Moroccan Ministry of Tau to lean management as a starting point, highlighting the quality, safety, progress, efficiency and risk control, the job responsibilities, management responsibilities, safety responsibilities, management responsibilities one Moroccan workers , and promote the rapid development of construction projects, on schedule or ahead of the construction tasks completed by the Moroccan industry-wide praise and praise. Sections of the two tasks are completed before construction engineering, quality, schedule all tenders were ranked first in the history of highway construction has created the miracle of Morocco. Highway Authority and by Morocco's highly acclaimed industry peers, the company won the honor for the subsequent marketing of the foundation.