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For foie gras law tradition cuisine German Food Fair exhibitors rejected government intervention

For foie gras law tradition cuisine German Food Fair exhibitors rejected government intervention

Foie gras is French cuisine in the traditional cuisine, however, will be held in October in Cologne, Germany International Food Fair (Cologne Exhibition of food) But it was shut. To this end, the French government officials to intervene, asked the German government to put pressure on food exhibition organizers.

Foie gras, goose or duck liver with made, but are usually kept in the course of several months of forced feeding of these birds to eat, so that they are "contributions" out of 10 times the normal size of the liver. Conservationists believe that feeding the animal abuse, and food exhibition in Cologne, "animal welfare" purposes exhibitors refused to foie gras.

The incident caused the French government's concern and intervention.

According to French media reports, the French State Secretary in charge of foreign affairs 皮埃尔勒卢 even 27 in the French economy, Special Finance and Industry Ministry summoned the German ambassador to France 赖因哈德沙费尔. Lellouch asked the German government in the talks for show organizers to exert a "maximum pressure", and invited Germany to comply with EU free movement of goods and non-discrimination laws and regulations of goods.

Lellouch, said French cuisine food exhibition in Cologne to be fully participating. He said the foie gras industry in France to create 3.5 million jobs. "This is no small joke, this behavior would be a boycott of French cuisine in the world have a negative impact. "

French Agriculture Minister Bruno Lemaire also recently sent a letter to the German Minister of Agriculture Yierseyi Wagner, Food Fair in Cologne exhibitors refused to protest foie gras. Lemaire said that if the French foie gras is not participating, he will refuse to participate in the opening ceremony of the Cologne Exhibition of food.

France is the world's largest producer of foie gras, foie gras annually produces about 18,450 tons, accounting for 75% of world production.

Biennial food show in Cologne, Germany is the world's largest food and beverage trade show, one each from around the world are attracting many food and beverage manufacturers and professional trade people, the food industry to establish each customer contact, order merchandise communication event. (