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Substandard imported food contact issues need attention

Substandard imported food contact issues need attention

Recently, Weihai Import Inspection and Quarantine detected in a batch of unqualified Korean fitted with a plastic ice bucket, the number of 20, weight 40 kg, the value of $ 140 made of rubber modified acrylonitrile - butadiene - benzene ethylene (ABS). Testing laboratory safety and health program, the evaporation residue of the product (water): 17.0mg / L, evaporation residue (20% ethanol): 20.3mg / L, evaporation residue (4% acetic acid): 21.4mg / L, evaporation residue (hexane): 18.2mg / L, and our national standard "food containers, packaging materials, rubber modified acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene moldings health standards" and the industry-standard "test food contact materials polymer class order "provisions of the evaporation residue four kinds of soaking should be ≤ 15 mg / L does not match the requirements, health and safety inspection to determine the project failed.

Therefore, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the Weihai be destroyed.

The investigation is understood that many hotels, bars, and advanced Business Club is the use of such plastic ice bucket, wine mainly for blending ice when used, direct contact with food. To ensure quality and safety of imported food contact products, consumer safety and protect our physical health, Weihai, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Recommendation: The inspection and quarantine institutions should strictly follow the "import and export food inspection and supervision of contact with the product specifications (for Trial Implementation) 'requirements for failure The record of contact with imported food products, the implementation of batch inspection; access for imported food products, mandatory standards should be strictly in accordance with our inspection, to increase law review "directory" in the inspection and quarantine category "R" for food contact product safety, sanitation projects, the detection efforts; strengthen laboratory capacity building, the testing laboratory should actively study-related tests, and strengthen inspection capacity building, technical methods to improve detection accuracy and reliability to ensure the check come, the prosecution was standard, the prosecution quickly, timely and accurate production of test reports; enhance access to imported food products, follow-up supervision, regular contact with the imported food products within the jurisdiction of the consignee the import, sale and use of records to be checked.