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Australia June wheat stocks were down 13 percent

Australia June wheat stocks were down 13 percent

Comprehensive news media July 28, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported Thursday, Australia in June wheat stocks decreased by 13% over the same period last month, to 13.37 million tons, but a 35% increase over the same period last year.

Bureau of Statistics said in its monthly inventory report, as of June 30, total wheat stocks held by traders in bulk, including 7.25 million tons, or 54% of food grade milling wheat, and the remaining 6.11 million tons, or 46% of feed wheat .

Last June, the bulk grain wheat stocks held by traders in the 87% for milling wheat, the remaining 13% of feed wheat.

After harvest in December, the Australian wheat stocks peaked, then with the export and domestic use, inventory decreased.

However, the eastern states of Australia in November, December and January due to heavy rains and floods hit, resulting in disruption and delay harvest.

Although wheat production is higher than in previous years, but rain and flooding damaged crops and mature, resulting in a considerable number of milling wheat downgraded to feed grade wheat.

Bureau of Statistics report said the end of June, most of New South Wales wheat are bulk traders holding, accounting for the total stocks of wheat in Australia 37%, or 4.94 million tons. South Australia Regional inventory of 324 million tons, or the country's total inventory of 24% of Victoria's total inventory of Australia's wheat stocks to 19%, or 256 million tons, Western Australia's wheat stocks of 206 million tons, accounting for Australian wheat 15% of the total inventory, Queensland's wheat stocks to 55.8 million tons.

The saying, in June, New South Wales fell 574,000 tons, South Australia to reduce the 512,000 tons, 356,000 tons inventory reduction Victoria, Western Australia to reduce the 294,000 tons of wheat stocks.