Russian wheat export prices continued to fall, or the acquisition of Government intervention started

Analysts said Russia's wheat export prices continued to fall, or the acquisition of Government intervention started. Volga base four ex-factory price per tonne of milling wheat, 5,100 rubles, 5,000 rubles per ton intervention when the acquisition started.

Integrated Media July 26, analysts said last week Russia's domestic and export markets with sharp declines in the price of wheat has not changed the pattern, the current price has dropped to a level close to the acquisition trigger intervention.

Russia's agricultural research institutions SovEcon analyst wrote in a weekly report "that interfere with the acquisition prices have fallen from theory into practical problems,"

They pointed out that the Volga base four ex-factory prices of wheat flour (ex-works) as low as 5,100 rubles per ton ($ 183.9), interfere with the acquisition of 5,000 rubles per ton will start.

Russia increasingly confident of its grain harvest, First Deputy Prime Minister维克托祖布Fradkov said on Monday the introduction of intervention may purchase.

Zubkov said that "China will usher in the harvest, there may be some remaining ... so the government will implement the intervention,"

Russia's grain output this year expected to be 8500-9000 tons, much higher than the 61 million tons in 2010, was over the worst drought in a century that nearly one-third of the country of crops.

SovEcon Analysts said the price of wheat in shallow water in Hong Kong over the previous four weeks the ruble fell 300-400 to 5,400-5,600 rubles per ton.

They added that, in Novorossiysk port (Novorossiysk) and other deep-water port, wheat prices have soared to 5,900-6,100 rubles per ton.

Russian Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IKAR) has become, Novorossiysk port price per ton of 5,900-6,000 rubles.

Russia barley prices continued to soar, the Russian Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IKAR) reported that feed barley FOB (FOB) U.S. $ 270-280 per ton, higher than the previous week at $ 255-260.

Researchers wrote in their report, "barley market is still very popular."

Russian Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IKAR) said to the ruble-denominated gross sunflower oil prices were flat, dollar-denominated prices of crops from the previous week at $ 1,380 per ton of 1,373 small rose.

Rapeseed prices rose continuity market, hit new price per ton for 16,000 rubles, 15,500 rubles per ton higher than before.

Soybean prices were flat in the southern Russian region in the vicinity of $ 590 per ton.

Russian Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IKAR) said, adding that Russia's domestic sugar prices fell from $ 1,098 to $ 1,075 dollars.