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All Nature as Teacher of Chinese tea and French red wine "close contact"

All Nature as Teacher of Chinese tea and French red wine "close contact"

French local time on July 26, 2011 European Go Trimeresurus tea, a special General Assembly welcomed the activities of Chinese tea and French wine to be a "close contact."

Javier Mallorca Hau has done for 10 years chairman of the Association of Bordeaux wine, Bordeaux wine he is today's trip to the wizard. Bordeaux total of more than ten thousand large and small wineries. However, the definition of some of this wine is simple, as long as you have a vineyard, built several houses in the next wine, wineries can be called. But the real master of wine history is rare, most of these wineries castle built in the 17th century, history, brewing process from generation to generation, card Hau family winery is one of them.

Bordeaux red wine is the natural generation.

Wine grapes are not chemical fertilizers, and even water is not poured, by the natural rain-fed, so the wine harvest Zhuanzhai have bad years and the state wine and liquor, wine Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center was the difference. This concept of full respect for nature and ecology of tea produced in Emei Mountain area of ​​Trimeresurus green tea has the same purpose.

After visiting a few wineries master, came to the card, a pedestrian Hau winery - Baer Bei estate. In the cellar, Trimeresurus Chayi Shi Tang Hau-wing for the card and his friends made a wonderful tea ceremony. A woman in a taste of "On the Road" after, gave away the secret: "I seem to drink a taste of nature. "

Tea ceremony ended, the card Mr. Hao gave a detailed account of our tasting skills. But that's tea as easy to learn difficult to master, requires years of practice and it may precipitate a small something. Chinese Go Association President Wang Runan Ministry in the winery's inscription reads: "King wine beauty more beautiful! "Card Hau very happy with the crowd photo, gift-giving. It seems the red wine and green tea "PK", the two sides tied.