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New Zealand: Dairy prop up the economy one day

New Zealand: Dairy prop up the economy one day

Australia is New Zealand's largest consumer and investor, so many years, the Australian economy is good, also followed the New Zealand economy better, and vice versa. However, in the past few months, New Zealand in Australia rely on smaller.

This year for five consecutive months, the New Zealand trade shows a surplus, of which NZ $ 605 million in May, creating a record in April to 11.5 million New Zealand dollars. Butter, cheese, dairy products, especially milk such a huge contribution to the surplus, accounting for more than 25 percent of New Zealand exports.

And most dairy products are exported to China.

Has a rainfall of livestock with New Zealand dairy exports of the world's total dairy products 1 / 3. "Business Weekly" reported that most dairy products are exported to China, China has now become New Zealand's largest importer of dairy products. Data show that in 2010, China imported dairy products from New Zealand reached 353 million kg, reaching $ 1.6 billion in 2008, the Chinese dairy imports from New Zealand only 69 million kg. New Zealand's official forecast that China's imports from New Zealand dairy products will continue to remain strong.

"Economist", said since China's food safety issues led to the local brand of consumer caution, so that New Zealand consumers have the opportunity to sell a large number of Chinese milk powder. Sometimes the travel of Chinese tourists to New Zealand will be a substantial purchase of infant formula milk powder to take home. Some of New Zealand's supermarket customers had to buy four cans can only be issued for the purchase of milk.

Business Week, "said New Zealand is now dependent on China and other emerging markets to buy more dairy products to boost their economic growth. Cohen, economist at ANZ National Bank? Williams said that as incomes rise and demand for increased nutrition and health care products, Asian consumers will be more sought after in New Zealand dairy products.

Former New Zealand Minister of Energy and Resources Brownlie, infant formula milk powder exports to New Zealand's "superstar." His subordinates conducted a survey of New Zealand's wholesale price of infant formula milk is ten times normal. Next, the Bureau is New Zealand's exports, so that New Zealand's export meat and dairy products from supermarket display of fruits and vegetables and other basic food shelves against the wall, moved to the center channel placed in processed foods. And more New Zealand livestock farmers believe that increased dairy exports, will allow New Zealand's per capita income in the next 15 years by 60%.