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Indian Government to support small-scale poultry farmers

Indian Government to support small-scale poultry farmers

Indian government's latest plan shows that India Goa small poultry farmers will receive government cash and equipment to support, in order to raise poultry and egg production capacity.

At least 100 poultry rearing breeders will be given Rs

1500 ($ 33.83) in cash grants and $ 120 million rupees ($ 270.64) poultry house equipment. This with egg collector, manual feeding system of the poultry house can accommodate up to 100 chickens.

Government wants to help farmers without increasing labor force, an increase in revenue and provide nutrition for the chicken diet. Program, over the past 5 years, Goa sharp decline in the number of poultry, 90 percent of small-scale farmers were forced to close. Therefore, the Government in the form of cash subsidies to promote and compensate farmers for income.

The government hopes that this program of small-scale farmers to offset the high cost. In recent years, competition with neighboring counties, neighboring counties of poultry product prices low, Goa's small-scale farmers due to lack of competitiveness is difficult to survive. Compared with Linxian, Goa farmers to invest in the feed and labor costs higher.