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Argentina hopes and China in building A's first refinery Tongchang

Argentina hopes and China in building A's first refinery Tongchang

Xinhua Buenos Aires, July 30 Xinhua, Argentina plans, public investment and service under the Ministry of Mines 30, Secretariat of State announced that Argentina and China hopes the joint construction of A's first refinery smelter, and strive to make Argentina became one of the world's major copper producing country.
Notice that the Argentine Secretary of State for Mining, Jorge Mayoral • A few days ago in China to participate in the inter-governmental economic and trade committee 18th meeting and the Chinese mining sector and related companies were consulted, I hope the two companies jointly funded by the Argentina's first refinery smelter construction in order to enhance value-added copper products in Argentina.
Mayoral said, it is estimated that the construction of a refinery smelter to be $ 500 million initial investment, as production scale, the investment will gradually increase.

The A government official said the Chinese industry and investors in building and refining smelter Alfonso showed great interest, both sides planned to continue talks and strive to reach an agreement as soon as possible.
A government report based on, since 2003, Argentina found that at least 15 new large copper deposits, the development of these copper needs $ 40 billion start-up capital. These projects put into operation, Argentina will become the world's top five copper producers.