War "chicken boom" to reproduce the British credit crisis 700,000 chickens to lay eggs at home

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on August 1, subject to the credit crisis and the impact of price increases in recent years to choose their own chicken-raising surge in the number of Britons, the largest since World War II craze is popular in England, three chicken Island.

Currently, some 70 million people in Britain to save money in their own domestic hens, three years ago, this figure is an increase of 80%. "Chicken boom" of the other evidence, the British supermarket chain TESCO cages sales skyrocketing in the past three years by 180%.

During the war years, the British own chickens to lay eggs is a very common thing. And now the credit crisis, the British once again tightened the purse, home-grown fruits and vegetables, the habit began to spread to chickens on.

More and more British people to take care of that garden more attractive than chicken.

"Unstoppable wave of chicken, according to the current development continues this way, we seem to have to see 50 years ago, every backyard chickens are reared fifty-six the case," the UK pet food supply company Brian Mott said. (Source: China Daily)