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Russia plans to restore the EU vegetable imports

Russia plans to restore the EU vegetable imports

According to Indo Asian News Service reported recently that Russia's total prevention division Onishchenko said that if there are no new cases of E. coli outbreaks appear, then Russia will resume the EU vegetable imports.

Outbreak of E. coli outbreaks in Europe and at least 40 people died, Russia the European Union implemented a ban on the import of vegetables.

Onishchenko said that the current epidemic the number of infections has decreased significantly, if we continue to maintain this downward trend, Russia would consider a complete lifting of EU ban on imports of vegetables, of course, requires some restrictions.

Onishchenko said that at present Russia has not lifted for some EU countries ban the import of vegetables, these countries are: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Germany.

Up to now, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and France have been allowed to enter Russia vegetable market.

Original link: < http://in.news.yahoo.com/russia-ready-lift-eu-vegetable-import-ban-051816869.html >