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Japanese rice will check the implementation of radiation

Japanese rice will check the implementation of radiation

Japanese Ministry of Agriculture 1 decision, the introduction of rice this week inspection of radioactive material specific measures to ensure the safety of the rice harvest. According to Japanese media reports, at least 14 counties are scheduled to check the implementation of rice radioactive substances.

The check points before planting and harvesting two stages. Harvest inspection before and after the harvest for a time, if the radioactive cesium per kilogram of rice tentative activity than the standard value is 500 Becquerel, the government will order a halt to all rice production to sale.

Has announced the implementation of inspection Akita, Yamagata, Fukushima, Ibaraki, Gunma, Chiba, 13 counties and the capital Tokyo. Ministry of Agriculture also plans to expand the scope of the inspection to the northeast Iwate, Miyagi and Aomori.

Japan nuclear accident, the group has a variety of farm products and aquatic products were detected excessive radiation. Although rice has not yet appeared excessive radiation, but due to the Japanese two-thirds of food consumption of rice in order to allow consumers to rest assured that the relevant departments must conduct a thorough investigation of rice.

In April, the Japanese government, upon the soil test results, limited parts of Fukushima Prefecture farmers planting rice.