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U.S. hog production: the company plus farmer co-exist with the industrial mode of production

U.S. hog production: the company plus farmer co-exist with the industrial mode of production

Pig production in the United States also show a different organization. Waldo pig production is organized in batches, usually every five weeks by a group of concentrated breeding, calving concentration, it is a good air ring sterilization, can prevent many diseases. But by Maschhoffs pig company, they emphasized how much their company piglets weaned per week, weeks for them to organize production.

Company + farmers co-exist with the industrial mode of production

Maschhoffs pig can be regarded as the company + farmer's business model.

They have many partners, and their cooperation partners need each pig in accordance with building standard requirements, the purchase of standardized equipment and with the corresponding labor force, the unified organization of veterinary services by the company, the company uniform 6 kg body weight of pigs to provide seedlings, uniform supply of feed , according to the production company to develop technical specifications and technical standards for breeding, the company acquired a unified market weight to 130 kg of qualified finished pigs. This model has achieved success through practice, has developed rapidly. But the company needs a very strong financial strength to support, farmers will also take a great risk of disease, not the production in accordance with company targets farmers make money. According to the source, and in the United States also has pig slaughtering, processing one-stop industrial model, efficiency is also good.