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2010, Russia produced 9.1 thousand tons of canned seafood

2010, Russia produced 9.1 thousand tons of canned seafood

Russian Business Consulting Web site reported on July 29, according to the BusinesStat published "Russian canned fish, canned fish and seafood market analysis" of data, in Russia's consumer demand for canned fish, canned meat than .

2010 Russia's sales of canned fish and seafood 32 • 41 tons, at the same time, sales of canned meat about 26 • 6 million tons.

Russian canned fish market is unstable trend: a growth phase followed by a decline phase after the inevitable. For example, Russia ,2006-2008, sales of canned fish and seafood products increased by 12.4%, but, from 2009 to 2010, sales fell 7.6%. Analysis, in 2011-2015, the dynamics of this market will continue. As of the end analysis, canned fish and seafood sales will reach 344,000 tons, while the canned meat demand will remain at current levels.

In Russia, canned fish and seafood canning total trade, the dominant fish. In 2010 sales of 324,100 tons of canned, other seafood, only 18,300 tons. 2010, Russia produced a total of 9100 tons of canned seafood.

Dominant in the imports of fish products is common. In the Russian diet, seafood is the exotic, the next few years this situation will not change.