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Yudong run on both sides of the Yangtze River Bridge, a unique car, the middle of running light rail

Yudong run on both sides of the Yangtze River Bridge, a unique car, the middle of running light rail

August 4, Yudong Yangtze River Bridge, two will open to traffic. Chongqing Morning News reporter Huang Yushe

Chongqing Morning News Yudong Yangtze River Bridge opened to traffic in 2008 the upper reaches of the demi, demi downstream opening soon, possibly as tomorrow (August 6) traffic. Reporter yesterday from the Yudong Yangtze River Bridge Construction Headquarters was informed, Yudong demi downstream Yangtze River Bridge opened to traffic, two bridges will be turned into a one-way traffic, more spacious: the upstream half-size to large ferry to Banan, the downstream half-amplitude of Pakistan south Dadukou.

The middle of the bridge is also set aside second line extension of light rail track, two track, two-way six driveways, a "run on both sides of car in the middle running light rail," the landscape, unique in the country.

Two bridge height does not exceed 1 cm

Yangtze River Bridge south Yudong Yudong, Banan District, north of the town wins big ferry building. Northernmost point in the large ferry and Chen Tuo Road junction, the glass factory, under the white-Wan, Jiansheng tourism school, Chen House, under construction across the Yangtze River at the water plant wins, and then through the silk spinning factory, river plants, gongs British units, and finally connecting Chongqing South Road. Among them, the whole bridge is about 1541.6 km, in addition to 860 meters of the main bridge, but also includes Chen Court South Bridge Interchange Interchange Interchange two, and the next Baijiawan Bridge, Jiansheng Bridge, cross river bridge Factory Bridge 3 seat.

The end of 2008, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River Bridge demi opening Yudong, Banan Yudong to large from the ferry, 60 km / hour speed limits, drive only 3 minutes. Run from the current monitoring point of view, running in good condition.

Downstream half-size in early 2009 to start building. "The challenge has been built upstream demi, therefore, half-size downstream of the bridge type, height, demi curve should be in line with upstream, I can not lower your high, build it should be like twins," Command Chief Engineer Zhao Castle said that after precision design and construction, two demi bridge height, not more than 1 cm.

Bridge to create a "three firsts"

Chongqing Morning News reporters Zuo Rizai and Xian Chang saw two demi has even become a full Yudong Yangtze River Bridge, from afar, the bridge-and Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge, Ka Wah Jialing River Bridge about the same. Yudong Yangtze River Bridge crossing in the big bridge, the bridge plate has been placed on both sides is completed, a bridge relief and introduction of color, color embossed look more beautiful.

According to reports, Yudong Yangtze River Bridge to create a "three firsts." Because light rail track to be 5.5 meters, 4 meters car lanes, lane Yudong Yangtze River Bridge required a wider than ordinary bridge, downstream demi after the opening of the bridge deck width 41.6 m, a similar bridge on the Yangtze River in the widest Crossing the River Bridge. Because the extension of the track to go through a second line Yudong Yangtze River Bridge, Bridge the middle two tracks, both sides of the three lanes, light rail, car driving on the bridge the same plane, also the first in the country. Among them, Yudong Yangtze River Bridge has created a "world first", is the world's largest public-span continuous rigid frame concrete dual-rail bridge.

Red China will have elements of painting and

Yudong Yangtze River Bridge pavement, street lights and so on has been installed and has passed the load test, waiting for the official opening.

At present, the opening of the upper half frame is two-way traffic during peak hours sometimes crowded. Demi downstream after the opening of two bridges will be turned into a one-way traffic, more spacious: the upstream half-size to large ferry to Banan, Banan Tai for the downstream half-amplitude crossing. Currently, traffic signs line has also been drawn.

Bridge opened to traffic, the next step will be painting the bridge, and the installation of night lighting. In particular, the color coating is quite distinctive, full-bridge primary color is gray, but the bridge flange with Chinese red elements.

The bridge crossing the great bridge, built embrace River Park, and embrace the river is building the tower, a forest lush park, where visitors can climb after the tour Yangtze River views.

Bridge design life of 100 years of electronic eyes, crash barriers to ensure safety

Recently, many national bridge safety problems, Yudong Yangtze River Bridge design life of 100 years, how to protect the safety of operation?

Yudong Yangtze River Bridge, deformation monitoring points set up to ensure the safe operation of the bridge. And invited Chongqing Jiaotong University, the bridge prestressed testing, test condition is good, like the human skeleton, more robust, with longer.

Bridge, two bridges were installed 16 high-definition "electronic eye", the camera can observe the bridge, all parts of the pier, just in the management of space you can monitor the whole bridge, monitoring traffic safety, pedestrian safety, observe the existence of illegal operations, destruction of facilities, etc., the picture is very clear.

Since the middle of the bridge run to the light rail, in order to ensure safety, the use of isolation with the two modes are separated, and the crash barrier requirements are particularly high. Light of the crash barrier with the four very thick steel pipe, set the height of an adult's neck. Zhao Castle said, the high will be installed after the anti-throw net, to avoid influence from the parabolic orbit of the car running.

Bridge design is also very attention to detail, both ends of the bridge is not only half the height of the anti-wall, on both sides of the sidewalk from the roadway deck height of about 40-50 cm, to avoid the car out of control onto the sidewalk. Why have the sidewalk elevation, Zhao Castle explained, demi more attention to the downstream bridge line, because the arch is higher than the bridge, so for a regulation, arch at the sidewalk is 40 cm, at the pier is 50 cm, overall looks on the flat, to avoid the emergence of up and down the sidewalk of the "wave."

Bridge pier design a "watershed point," is an outward bulge pier sharp corners, so that can not only break the momentum of the river, you can effectively break down the ship's impact.