CCCG construction of the U.S. San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, completed in steel

August 9, ZPMC owned CCCG construction of the U.S. San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge last boat Zhenhua Changxing base in smooth steel shipped, marking five years of United States Steel Bridge Bay Bridge project was successfully completed.
In 2006, CCCG with from Japan, Korea, European and American companies to compete successfully USA San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, a total of 45,000 tons of steel structures all construction tasks. In December 2007, steel bridge project started, the bridge started making; March 2008, officially started production of steel tower; December 2009, the first shipment of steel box girder bridge boat; July 2011, all steel manufactured. The products are shipped throughout the steel bridge project in the most difficult and most complex part - 13, 14, and two steel box section beam CB contact.
Which, in paragraph 13 of the total weight of steel box girder to 1670 tons, is the most important of all the steel section. CCCG use of independent research and development 4,000 tons floating crane to paragraph 13 of the steel box Liangshun Li lifting on board, creating the world's heaviest single lift record. The project is a key for each node are Zhenhua Heavy Steel Bridge Steel to further expand the world market, has laid a solid foundation.
U.S. San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge is the world's steel bridge of similar projects in the most difficult technical, structural steelwork in the cross marks the successful completion of a large group in the Steel manufacturing has reached the international advanced level.