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China to provide preferential loans to the implementation of the Fiji public rental housing project held a groundbreaking ceremony

China to provide preferential loans to the implementation of the Fiji public rental housing project held a groundbreaking ceremony

August 12, 2011, the Chinese government to provide preferential loans by the Fiji public rental housing project groundbreaking ceremony in Fiji's capital Suva is located at the construction site. Fiji Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama, Huang Yong, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji to attend the ceremony and delivered speeches respectively. Tim Prime Minister also personally boarded the excavator for the project ground-breaking. Local Government Minister Samatua Fiji, Fiji Public Rental Board and other relevant government officials, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Cai Embassy Economic and Commercial Counselor of water was, the construction unit of China Railway First project team staff, Fei-related media more than 100 people attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Ambassador Huang said in his speech, the Chinese government, including the project number of infrastructure projects in Fiji, including preferential loans, indicating that China's efforts to strengthen bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation with Fiji, and Fiji's development assistance within its capacity. Ambassador Huang relevant government departments of the two countries, China Export-Import Bank and the project contractor Fang Rail Authority early in the project expressed appreciation for their hard work and encouraged the parties to work together to ensure the smooth implementation of the project and completed on schedule shelf life, as soon as possible making the local lower-middle class benefit.
Tim Prime Minister in his speech to the Chinese government to give financial assistance to the project to express my sincere thanks. Tim said the Fiji Government's commitment to protect people's basic human rights, and tenure is one of the important content. The public rental housing project will not only provide housing for low-income groups will also contribute to the maintenance of human dignity and to promote national wealth and economic growth.
Content of public rental housing project for the construction of more than 200 apartments housing and related infrastructure construction and pre-land development, contract duration of three years.