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Russia's low-priced wines will become history

Russia's low-priced wines will become history

Wine experts have warned that from next month, Russia will never laid hold wine rack cheap wine shadow.

As the new customs regulations, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, the price per bottle of wine increased 5 to 7 dollars.

June 1, the Federal Customs has increased the price of imported European wine minimum. Russia now cheap wine merchants wine inventory is gradually lost.

Customs set the minimum price per liter of French wine for $ 10, now raised to $ 15. Lowest price per liter of Italian wine to enhance the price from $ 4 to $ 7.

Russian customs representative said the purpose of this new initiative is to enhance the wine is not the lowest price limit, but some imported wine in order to prevent artificially lower prices.

The EU released figures show that some wine importers in order to avoid paying higher taxes, deliberately reduce the price of wine 12% to 15%.