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Egypt will reduce the cost of wheat to buy a huge pressure on the United States

Egypt will reduce the cost of wheat to buy a huge pressure on the United States

Administration of the supply of goods in Egypt later this month will be included in Ukraine's wheat procurement tender scope to further reduce the cost of wheat purchased.

Egypt is the world's largest wheat importer. Last week, Egyptian wheat imports of goods supply bureau, said authorities are considering the purchase of wheat in Russia and Ukraine into the scope of the tender. These two countries are the most competitive international wheat market countries. The scope of Russia to the procurement of wheat procurement cost reduction can angstroms $ 4 million. Ukraine's wheat harvest this year, the price is low. Whether Aye eventually buy wheat from the black, as long as the scope of the Una into the procurement tender, you can quickly depress the international price of wheat.

United States and France which will create enormous pressure on wheat exports.

In 2008, due to a series of quality problems, stop in Egypt to import wheat from the black. Currently, the two sides are still the product quality inspection there are some differences and problems. Aye do not rule out the quality of wheat will Wuti with Russia to achieve the same quality requirements of wheat.