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Canned wine gradually welcomed by European countries

Canned wine gradually welcomed by European countries

The world's largest packaging supplier Rexam canned drinks the latest shows, no canned wine is its convenience and to be winning a new generation of consumers.

The survey was launched in April this year, involving a 1,0 Source China Wine News 00 UK, Italy, 18-34 gender consumers. The results show that canned wine consumers showed considerable interest.

The results show that canned wine consumers showed considerable interest.

When asked who participated in the survey of the attitudes of canned wine, about 58 percent of respondents said "more attractive", up to 67% of respondents said "very attractive." From different gender, 65% of female respondents believe that the concept of bottled wine "very attractive."

Today, young consumers interested in alternative packaging for wine increased with the Japanese, especially the convenient packaging. In the respondents, 62% of people think that pop after all, a very convenient way of packaging, of which 54% of respondents believe that bottled wine can be reduced to the desired temperature in a short time, perfect for a picnic and parties and other occasions.

Although bottled wine for both home and outdoor consumption, but 55% of respondents believe that the most suitable for picnics and outdoor drinking. The convenience, the 58% of respondents prefer a series of single-dose packaging, eliminating the need for a finished bottle of wine can not be refrigerated trouble. 80% of the respondents said, in a box for a variety of different styles of single copies of bottled wine "very attractive", so you can enjoy a variety of tastes.

Rexam's Market Explorer Kym Hamer said: "We have always maintained that cans are a good alternative wine packaging. Although glass bottles of wine will still be a dominant position, but the convenience of cans is difficult to match the other products. The survey shows that consumer interest in wine packaging for cans, has to embrace this new trend of wine producers time. "