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Thai government regulate the price of chicken and pork

Thai government regulate the price of chicken and pork

Thailand news, Thailand has dropped the retail price of chicken, pork prices are expected to decline in the future.

Thailand's "national newspaper" the source said, in Bangkok, Thailand and central regions of the chicken will retail for 65 baht per kilogram (about 2.2 U.S. dollars), down 5 before baht (about $ 0.17).

To ensure fair trade, Commerce Minister of Thailand had proposed chicken retail reference price of 80 baht (about 2.7 U.S. dollars). Market supply and lower raw material costs, the Minister of Commerce hopes to reduce chicken traders price.

Secretary of Commerce will send monitoring teams to monitor the national chicken prices in various markets. Violation of the provisions of the traders will be punished by up to 14 million baht (about $ 4,700) fine or imprisonment for seven years.

With the consumer end of the season, with the Ministry of Commerce of the pig industry, strict control of the pig farmers' enthusiasm and the increase in retail pork prices will fall.