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Hungary to destroy all of Monsanto GM corn

Hungary to destroy all of Monsanto GM corn

According to foreign media reports, the Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development officials Lajos Bognar said recently that the country has been destroyed in Hungary at present nearly 1,000 acres of genetically modified corn, genetically modified corn were all buried in the ground, maize pollen does not spread.

Several other EU member states with different, Hungary has been banned cultivation of GM crops, even though the seed traders committed to non-GM products, GM will continue testing. Hungarian regulators in the course of the investigation found that the seed has been planted from Pioneer and Monsanto. According to the Hungarian public radio reported that two major international seed producers associated with the destruction of the event, there may be thousands of acres of genetically modified seeds have been planted in Hungary.

It is reported that Hungary was issued in March this year, a new GM regulations, the regulations will require all the seeds needed before the sale of GM testing.

Original link: < http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_23658.cfm >