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Zhejiang, China Business Service Fair 2011 was basically the end of the breeze

Zhejiang, China Business Service Fair 2011 was basically the end of the breeze

2011 Business services, Zhejiang, China Fair (hereinafter referred to as "arrange") in Business Week as one of the important activities in the Business Week Organizing Committee, under the unified leadership of the Chamber to related offices and Ting Zhu institutions to work together the breeze is largely over. To date, a total of more than 20 countries and regions from the 245 inside and outside the family business set up service-oriented companies and institutions develop, Zhejiang enterprises in R & D design, brand marketing, domestic and foreign investment, legal accounting, financing and human resources to provide different levels and a one-stop business services solutions. The breeze is mainly characterized by the following features:
1, positive response, overwhelming response.
Brochure and arrange the investment will be advertising in Beijing and Shanghai, published, many business service providers to show interest. Currently, more than 12 well plate to complete the desired goal breeze. Exhibitors in both business units, but also government agencies, as well as various types of providers (associations, school) will.
2, to enhance international exhibitors. From the United States, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, more than 20 countries and regions, more than 50 foreign companies and exhibitors. Such as the United States alone, 14 companies participating.
3, the exhibitors to improve brand awareness. This will arrange six Fortune 500 companies, many exhibitors are well-known industry companies. If there are four major international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Deloitte three participants, the legal sector has the world's leading law firm Lovells Hawking amount of the participating firms, human service sector has the world's top 500 enterprises Deco participating in the financial sector in Singapore, DBS Bank and other famous companies participating, e-commerce sector has well-known companies such as Alibaba exhibitors.
4, features outstanding service. Current exhibitors will negotiate most of the time of registration provided the unit can provide special services, making service providers more distinctive characteristics. Such as American Express, mainly in new energy, environmental protection, bio-pharmaceutical industry for private equity investments; Zhejiang China International Electronic Commerce Center office in the trade of intelligence analysis, data and other aspects of disaster recovery services; Murayama of Japan's leading provider of design and exhibitions creativity.
5, promotions rich. In order to attract more business to come to visit us docking, many exhibitors will be held also ready to negotiate preferential promotion measures during the launch. Zhejiang Yuanda International Exhibition Co., Ltd., such as during the show to be part of the international exhibition for the entry fee concessions; Zhe Jiang Lvsen Digital Technology Co., Ltd. intends to launch a free settled charges, advertising gifts and other incentives.