Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce "2011 Business Promotion Policy" course held in Shaoxing

To further promote the central and provincial policies to promote the business, enabling businesses to more comprehensive understanding of the central and provincial policies to promote the business, master the elements of the declaration of policy, regulate the reporting process, good policy to declare work, Commerce Department on 8 18 in Shaoxing New Century Grand Hotel hosted the "2011 Business Promotion Policy" course.

At the meeting, the Director of the Department of Commerce Finance Guorong central fiscal year 2011 to promote foreign trade policy in the foreign trade of special funds of public service platform, service outsourcing, the cultural industry development funds, export, import discount, discount import made seven Introduction; the same time for the 2011 fiscal year provincial business promotion policies in the international markets, "going out" strategy, electromechanical and high-tech exports and other related policies were detailed explanation, then the current domestic and international situation and business in general interest rates, interest rates, export tax rebate and cross-border issues such as the RMB-depth analysis. Finally, Li Zhen from the Department of Commerce Finance for SMEs in the year 2011 the policy of the international content market development funds, reporting points and a detailed project application note answers. The course will be deputy director of the Office Chenyuan De chaired counties (cities, districts) Business Administration (Service Board) in charge of the leadership and management, business promotion company responsible for declaration of policy work to more than 200 business representatives will participate.
Training will use when the three hours, the content is targeted, wide coverage, through training, business representatives learned a lot, on the one hand the central and provincial departments to understand the policy environment, on the other to face to face communication and related leadership get answers to your questions, enhance the mutual communication and exchange. After the meeting, it was agreed to make a training session on the recognition and praise, and hope that more can participate in similar training sessions, more policy information.