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Wenzhou Development issued "to promote the implementation of micro-credit company views"

Wenzhou Development issued "to promote the implementation of micro-credit company views"

To further support the small loan company Service "Agriculture" and support for small enterprise development, micro-loan companies to guide compliance management, and healthy development of our region recently introduced the "Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to promote the development of the implementation of micro-credit companies views . "
Opinion makes clear, the annual assessment for the outstanding small loan companies, small loan companies to increase financial support for efforts and invest in their loans, the interest rate implementation, support the "three rural" and the size of the contribution of small enterprises linked to the evaluation of . "Opinions" in the main financial support policies have financial assistance policies to implement the establishment and provision is made for risk compensation mechanism, the implementation of rent subsidies.

At present, the region's first micro-credit - small loans Wenzhou trillion earnestly Services Inc. "three rural" and support the purposes and the development of SMEs, "small, fragmented" operating principles, adhere to legal compliance compliance management, actively and steadily carry out business, good business performance. As of the end of July 2011, the company's total loans 1855, displayed 2,329,955,000 yuan, the stock balance of 590.18 million yuan, total taxes paid 2,000 million. Of which 100 million yuan (inclusive) of pure micro-credit and agriculture (aquaculture species) total loans issued 1307 pen, a total of 1.40049 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of total loans. While other new small loan company pilot to declare work being processed.