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Xiaoshan Development Zone, discipline inspection work conference held

Xiaoshan Development Zone, discipline inspection work conference held

August 4, Discipline Work Committee to convene members of the CMC system, each party discipline inspection and supervision work conference held to review the work since the first half, the main task of the deployment in the second half. Party committee secretary Wang Wei attended the meeting, Ji Wang Renhan for Working Committee work report, the district director of classroom discipline Xuan Zhang Deliang invited to the meeting for business training and coaching.
Wei-Min Wang affirmed the achievements of the first half of zone discipline inspection and supervision, discipline inspection and supervision work on how to focus on economic construction and promote the development zone across the proposed restructuring and upgrading requirements. He pointed out that this is a "five-second" the first year, but also development zones to accelerate the restructuring and development across the key to development year.
To successfully complete the year's tasks, to ensure that the objectives and tasks carried out, must establish the correct work ethic, excellent organizational work style and strict discipline, and work to promote the deployment of various policy measures are successfully implemented.
Wei-Min Wang stressed the need to enhance their understanding, to further clarify the direction and anti-corruption goals. At this stage to work around the central zone and the objectives and tasks, to continue to intensify supervision and checks. Work goals are determined, the key is firm implementation. Party discipline inspection and supervision departments and discipline members, first of all, according to the department, the unit of work characteristics, service center, find the point of integration and work to improve countermeasures to enhance the effectiveness of the work. Focus on service, quality of service, work order for regular or irregular inspections of the work in the irresponsible, law and discipline of the people and things, to discover investigated and dealt with together.
Wang Weimin requirements, discipline inspection and supervision personnel should make unremitting efforts to study and improve the level of operations. Party Working Committee, the CMC will, as residence to support the work of discipline inspection and supervision, and always do their strong backing. Discipline inspection and supervision of cadres and work to enhance the sense of political responsibility, and strengthen the professional quality, the ability to improve performance of their duties, to help further enhance the Party Working Committee, the CMC building a clean government and coordinate anti-corruption awareness and truly become a "Party spirit is strong, high level, the real work, hard-style" strong team.
Wang Renhan reviewed and summarized in the first half, noting that the agencies and units directly under the CMC there are some problems, made arrangements for the second half of the work. Requires the discipline inspection and supervision department of grassroots party organizations and party members and cadres to further strengthen education and management, to further strengthen social management innovation, to further strengthen the outstanding problems crime, punishment and prevention system to further strengthen the building, to further strengthen efforts to deal with inspectors. Discipline members of the branch should play a role in fulfilling the functions of inspectors investigate, to solve the problem in the bud, to avoid problems.