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New Zealand Trade Minister Zhejiang business delegation and the rate of exchange trades

New Zealand Trade Minister Zhejiang business delegation and the rate of exchange trades

August 18 evening, the delegation of New Zealand ICT industry receptions at the Hyatt Regency Hangzhou success. Participants are in New Zealand New Zealand Trade Minister Tim • Glazer, New Zealand Consul General in Sui and other consulate staff and representatives of New Zealand ICT companies nearly 20 people. Chinese participants are Foreign Affairs Office, the provincial committee through a letter and the International Investment Promotion Center and other provincial agency personnel, as well as information and communications from well-known enterprises of Zhejiang more than 20 representatives, such as telecommunications, mobile, Unicom, the three operators in Zhejiang provincial company, Alibaba, Fortis, Fuchunjiang communication, Huaxin Post and Telecommunications Institute, etc.

A warm atmosphere, in the province of New Zealand business people to actively and business representatives on their investment and cooperation projects for matchmaking. The event has high standards, solid content, the form of new features. First, the New Zealand side led government leaders for the New Zealand Minister of Trade and the Consul General of New Zealand, visiting New Zealand's most powerful enterprise information and communication enterprises, and Zhejiang's staff vice president of three major carriers and private enterprises, chairman of the province well-known communication and so on. Secondly, both companies have similar industry background and business areas, so specific technical exchange and cooperation projects has a real platform and space, such as Oceania's largest professional IT services company Datacom one outsourcing company is seeking project access package side, and Open Cloud Ltd and Zhejiang enterprises is to discuss cooperation for the telecommunications industry for real-time voice and information services infrastructure. Meanwhile, in the form of activities through the reception, so that all parties are in frequent walking negotiate the exchange, a free, convenient and efficient communications in a limited time for participants to better increase understanding of co-operation.
Provincial International Investment Promotion Center assisted the activities of customers invited to work in new activities and achieved results both at home. Center will focus on meeting the letter of intent to continue to actively track progress and promote the project to carry out.