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The work of key provinces and cities nationwide exhibition industry forum held in Yiwu

The work of key provinces and cities nationwide exhibition industry forum held in Yiwu

August 10, 2011, the Ministry of Commerce held in Yiwu exhibition industry key provinces and cities nationwide forum on the work. From Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan, Qingdao and other 21 provinces (cities, districts) business sector is mainly attended the meeting, and the development of exhibition industry in their respective districts for the reporting and communication.

At the meeting, delegates on the convention and exhibition policy, event management, industry standards, industry statistics and industry organizations on issues such as their views for China's exhibition industry, there are still the industry standard is not clear, statistical system, imperfect, offer advice and suggestions.

Finally, the Commerce Department trade in services and business services Lvji Jian, deputy director of the Division made concluding remarks.
He first briefed the participants on the recent adjustment of the functioning of the Ministry of Commerce, to further clarify the exhibition industry of work management. In order to guide and promote the healthy and orderly development of China's exhibition industry, they have taken several initiatives, carried out the exhibition industry research, a clear idea of ​​the development of exhibition industry in the next step and direction. Will foster a nationwide group of influential exhibitions, create a number of convention cities, to cultivate the strength of a few main exhibition, so that the sound development of China's exhibition economy onto the track, convention and exhibition industry to truly become a green industry. Office of Business and Foreign Trade at the hair at the attendance at the meeting, participants reported to the exhibition industry in recent years the development of our province.