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Wenzhou provincial development zone three major science and technology plan project

Wenzhou provincial development zone three major science and technology plan project

Recently, the Provincial Science and Technology Department issued a 2011 provincial list of major science and technology projects, 21 projects in consultation with the Office thing Wenzhou accounted for two seats, all from the project development zone of Wenzhou enterprises. They are Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Effie students take the "100 kilowatts to 1 megawatt series of solar photovoltaic inverter R & D and industrialization" project and Lancaster Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Turkoglu assumed "national A class of drugs recombinant human basic fibroblast growth factor (rhbFGF) series preparations Ⅲ clinical research and industry. " In addition, the large Long Machinery Co., Ltd. to bear the "leather CNC cutting R & D of key technologies and equipment" is listed as key projects.
Science and Technology Development Zone, the number of the project in a record high, marking the region to further enhance the innovation capability.
News Connection: Province is divided into major scientific and technological special projects in consultation with Project Office matter, massive economic transformation and upgrading projects and key projects. City Hall which way the implementation of major projects in consultation to cities economic and social development from major scientific and technological needs, give full play to local strengths and characteristics of science and technology, integrated provincial and local scientific and technological resources, jointly organized and implemented on the regional economic and social development have a significant impact major projects, efforts to solve local economic and social development of core and key technical bottlenecks and common technical problems, made with proprietary technologies and scientific and technological achievements, to promote regional economic and social good and fast development of scientific and technological support. City Hall is the province in consultation with major science and technology projects and priority themes of major projects, the use of interactive provinces to implement market-based approach. Government leaders around the project as construction of major projects, led by the municipal science and technology administrative department responsible for organizing. Implementation of major projects and the technology industry to further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises zone, led the region's industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading, effectively promoted the sustained and healthy development of high-tech industry development zone.