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Rock group of the "National Labor Award"

Rock group of the "National Labor Award"

Recently, Jushi Group Co., Ltd., "National Labor Award" award ceremony, rock, chairman and president Zhang Yujiang honor award from the hands of Pengguo the "National Labor Award", which is obtained by the company since its establishment collective highest honor.

Technology Innovation: From follower to leader

10 years, the rock group firmly aimed at the international advanced technology, drastic technological transformation, the rock group's production scale, technology level, product quality, product variety and so on with rapid development. Worked in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Chengdu has established production bases and headquarters in Tongxiang, built the world's largest and most technologically advanced glass fiber production base of 600,000 tons, to achieve the production scale of the world, changed the way Americans take 70 years world history.

The past three years, rock groups of research and development of new products, new processes, new technologies, 100, complete with savings and consumption reduction for the purpose of technical improvement project 600, a total of 150 patent applications, of which 6 invention patents, utility 63 new patents, and the other received 81 patent applications accepted.

Fine management: full efficiency potential to stimulate

In 2010, the R & D Center led by Dr. Zhang Zhijian talent "high performance reinforced PP with chopped strand development projects," and completely changed the traditional production process to achieve a technological breakthrough, the scientific and technological achievements to a large-scale industrial use for the Group to create a considerable economic benefits, the project was awarded the annual Technology Innovation Corporation outstanding contribution award.

50-year-old employees, three branch drawing section in the beginning of professional technicians Pan constitution, although only primary school, but his "rock" have been in 22 years, with the experience of their own posts, he returns for several years to increase revenue saving project, 2010, he declared the project more than 20 million revenue for the Group, the Group is not only employed him as a professional technician, but also give him substantial year-end cash bonus. Pan constitution as the beginning of this primary, there are many skilled workers, they "rock" the process of long-term development of the quiet dedication of wisdom.

Social Responsibility: Development forget to feed the community

As the world leader in fiberglass industry, rock groups to promote sustainable economic and social development of the city's responsibility, through innovative programs to deal effectively with the economic cycle, "three wastes", the old pile of glass waste silk is now nowhere to become the company's raw materials . The furnace had to be abandoned row of heat, and now is effectively recycled homemade steam, steam condensate recovery use, water reuse to achieve zero discharge of wastewater. The company will also energy saving and cost efficiency combined with sustained reductions in unit energy consumption and emission levels.

Jushi Group has a strategic vision to see the future trend of global economic development, and constantly adapt to global trends, to create a green product production chain, from clean energy, cleaner production processes, cleaning product aspects, is committed to promoting the fiberglass composite chain of green materials.