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Ningbo Zhoushan Port "five" to complete the preparation of port development plan

Ningbo Zhoushan Port "five" to complete the preparation of port development plan

Recently, departing from the Zhoushan Daishan Branch, National Development and Reform Commission jointly prepared by the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation "Ningbo - Zhoushan Port Daishan waters" five-second "port development plan" to complete the preparation work, and approved.

"Plan" clearly Daishan waters harbor, should have national oil, iron ore and other bulk materials imports, reserves, transfer base functions; important port of China's petrochemical production, logistics base functions; large and important international transit of goods, trade, distribution and bonded functions; support the development of port industry, port logistics and island tourism, local economic and social development Daishan function.

"Plan" to determine the strategic objectives Daishan water port development, local economic development services through the port system, by developing oil, minerals and other countries large reserves of strategic materials, transit and other specialized logistics, with about 10 years time, the waters of Daishan Ports play an important strategic material in China caused by a transit base for the storage and transportation; serve the local economy, port industries and overall economic development leading Daishan; set bulk cargo transit, logistics, trade, port industry, port industry, coastal tourism for a modern, multi-functional, integrated port.

"Plan" to determine the port waters Daishan "two-port, six functional blocks, three-base" of the layout of the structure. "Two Port": the high pavilion port and Qushan port; "six functional blocks": Daishan Island block, long painted block, Xiushan block, block Qushan island, a snake sliding door - Rat Long Lake block, huangze block; "three bases": building bulk cargo logistics base, industrial base port, leisure tourism base.

"1025" period, Daishan water port construction will mainly focus on four key aspects. First, build energy, raw materials and other bulk cargo transshipment logistics base in the construction of Qushan bulk cargo port logistics base, to carry out oil, coal, iron ore imports, trade, bonded and other services, to create the core area of ​​Zhoushan Island, logistics; two port industry is to build the port berths matched to meet the port industry and port logistics development in the construction of port petrochemical industry base, wood processing base and shipbuilding, marine machinery and equipment manufacturing base; third building for the local economy development services port berths, including the islands of the overall development of port industrial investment projects, development of port logistics industry, the demand for port and meet the people's daily life and travel the island by car passenger ferry berths and general cargo terminal purchase construction; 4 is to build the corresponding port transportation system.