Zhejiang delegation to participate in "China (Guizhou) International Wine Expo 2011 Guiyang, China Investment and Trade Fair"

"China (Guizhou) International Wine Expo 2011 Guiyang, China Investment and Trade Fair" (hereinafter referred to as "wine-cum-Fair Fair") on August 18-22 in Guiyang International Ecological Conference Center was held, the CPC Politburo member and Vice Premier Wang Qishan announces the opening. The provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Yongchang, head, Department of Commerce Deputy Director Xu Huanming as deputy head of delegation and my government's economic and trade delegation of entrepreneurs based 39 people went to Guizhou Province attended the event .

I am participating in this business a total of 18 participants, both provincial enterprises, there are local enterprises; both reflect the province where "wine culture" characteristic of Shaoxing rice wine production enterprises, but also the province well-known beverage manufacturer and Housing real estate development companies, there are international brands of wine of total domestic agents, from Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Taizhou, Zhejiang and other places.
In "Fair-cum-wine Fair", the province exhibitors on-site sales of hot, brought the goods are sold out, the general feeling inadequate stocking. Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. in 2011 in Guiyang Baiyun Economic Development Zone, $ 20 million expansion of beverage production line, so that the company's total investment in Guizhou province reached $ 68 million, both to expand the company's reputation, but also to solve the local staff employment to achieve a win-win situation; Greentown Green Coral Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Guiyang and Majiang discuss a real estate investment decisions; Yiwu Danxi Wine Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Maotai Group reached a preliminary development Maotai Red Liquor's cooperation. Participating companies in our province projects a direct contract, the intention of cooperation projects 3, with more than 90 enterprises in Guizhou Province, the investment and trade, and achieved good results.